Best Home Workout Program Without Equipment

So, you are wondering what the best home workout program without equipment is, well, let me be honest, one home workout program might be suited to me, but not best suited to you, and here is why.

The reason I got into strength training and working out is because I want to have a more toned body, I don’t need to loose a couple of stone (sure a few pounds won’t hurt) and I don’t want to beome all muscles and weight lift, I simply want a more toned look and have more confidence in myself, thats my reason.

So the workout that is best suited to me, would be an all round workout from home, one that works all muscle groups and one that includes strength training exercises.

Someone wanting to weight lift and become a body builder for instance, will sign up to a home workout program that concentrates more on weight lifting, to increase their muscle mass.

So it is hard to say what is the Best Home Workout Program Without Equipment.

However, what I have done, is put together a few programs that are extremely good, detailed, supportive and are proven to get results.  So no matter what your goals are with your home workout, one of these programs will help you get there.

Best Home Workout Program 1

The Bar Brothers 12 Week Calisthenics Program


This 12 week program in a step by step format will transform your body and your mind.  If you want to learn how to build a lean, ripped, strong body with just your bodyweight and a bar, then this program is just right for you.

The program starts you off with some basic routines and works you up to some intensive workouts, so you need to be fully commited to this program as the intensive routines are designed to really push you.

You will get access to a membership site with step by step videos that show you extactly how to do the routines and exercises, a workout calendar and workout sheets.

This program is more suited to people who really want to build muscle and are totally commited in doing so.

The cost of this program is a one time fee of $47 for lifetime access to their membership site, so you can revisit the 12 week program at any point.

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Best Home Workout Program 2

The BW3 MultiBurn System

This a 12 week program that consists of a 21 minute daily workout.  This is ideal for people who are looking to loose weight or just get into general shape and a toned body.  CEO’s, business men and women and stay at home mums have used this program with success.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a “muscle building” program. You’ll burn fat and build a lean toned physique. But if your goal is to build big bodybuilder type muscle, you’re better off with Program 1 the Bar Brothers Calisthenics Program.

The BW3 Multiburn system will give you full step by step video tutorials, a full pdf manual which explains the theory behind the exercises, wall charts and a printable journal to keep track of your progress.

The cost of this program is a one off cost of $19 currently on special (at time of writing this), regular price is $50.Thats lifetime access so you can access the tutorials at any time.

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A full review will be published soon

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