The Calisthenics Benefits

Welcome to this blog post series dedicated to Calisthenics, what it is, its benefits and some sample exercises you can do, links to the other posts are at the end of this post, but it is important before reading this one about the Calisthenics Benefits, you have a good understanding of what Calisthenics is, so please if you haven’t done so already, read the “What is a Calisthenics Workout” post by clicking here.

So as you should know, a Calisthenics Workout is a type of exercise that uses your own bodyweight.  Now some people say of Calisthenics Training, it is not for you if you want to build muscle mass, other people disagree, so let’s run through some of the benefits of a Calisthenics workout can bring you and later on in this post I will show you a video explaining how it works your muscles and builds muscle mass so you can see whether or not purely Calisthenics training on its own is right for you, or whether you need to introduce weights as well, as you will see later on, it all depends on what you are wanting to achieve.  For me personally a good Calisthenics Program is all I have required to achieve my goals.


For now, let’s run through the Benefits of calisthenics training and workout can bring you….

Its easy to get started: There is no gym fees to pay, no travelling to and from the gym, no expensive gym equipment and it can be done anywhere at anytime, so it’s convenient, you can do it at home, in the garden or in your local park, all you need is yourself and some space around you.

Calisthenics Benefits SquatIt’s ideal for all ages and abilities and its fun: With Calisthenics training there are lots of different movements to learn and progress through, so it is ideal for anyone of any age and can suit the beginner or a more advanced fitness enthusiast. For example, a push up can be done in various stages, so if you are just starting out you will want to start off with a basic wall pushup. Then once you have mastered that you can move onto the traditional push up we all know and even that can be made easier by pushing up from your knees rather than your feet.  Once you have mastered the traditional pushup, you can move onto more advanced pushups such as a decline pushup, this is where you place your foot on a bench or stool to maximise the depth of your pushup.  This is just an example, but there are lots of exercises which can be varied to suit your ability level.  The more advanced variations of exercises tend to require more co-ordination so it is important you work your way up to them as otherwise you will find them harder than they are supposed to be and you may end up doing them wrong which will do you more damage than good. Progressing through the various stages of exercises makes it fun.

Increase your flexibility and movement: As you work your way through the Calisthenics exercises, you will find your co-ordination, your overall movement and your flexibility will improve.

You are working several muscle groups simultaneously: This is great because you are burning more calories and building more lean muscle.

Calisthenics Benefits HeartImproves your general health: A good amount of Calisthenics training can improve body composition, body fat, muscle volume, joint alignment and even improve the appearance of certain skin characteristics such as freckles and wrinkles.

More health benefits: Calisthenics can help you to become more flexible and adapt to your body type, as well as reduce neck pain, reduce back pain etc, according to the American Dietetic Association. It may help you to increase your muscle mass and flexibility, as well as increase blood flow to your brain and blood vessel system.

Less chance of injury: With weight lifting for example, you are putting a lot of pressure on certain parts of your body, and some people complain about shoulder aches or wrist problems, although this could be mainly to do with a lack of warming up before weight lifting, it could also be because you are lifting more than your body weight.  Calisthenics is a bodyweight exercise so you are lifting no-more than your body weight and thus are not putting your joints under anyway near the amount of pressure you would do with weights, making you less prone to injury.


Mental Benefits of Calisthenics

Calisthenics Benefits Endorphins

A question that often gets asked is are there any mental benefits to Calisthenics.  Obviously, yes.  Calisthenics is a form of exercise and when we exercise, it causes the release of endorphins. Endorphins are a natural chemical that gives a similar effect to morphine, so when exercising it triggers a positive feeling in the body. Regular exercise has been known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve your sleep and boost your self esteem, so in a nutshell, If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or are stressed or cannot sleep, calisthenics exercises have been known to improve peoples mental health, so give it a go!


Benefits of Calisthenics Training and Workout

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, some people do not believe that Calisthenics Training can build muscle mass, so to help you understand a bit more about the muscles you use whilst performing any kind of Calisthics Workout, I have included this video below which will clear this up for you and you will understand if this type of exercise is the right one for you. Enjoy 🙂

So To Conclude Calisthenics Benefits …….

So as you can see from what is shown and written above, Calisthenics can bring some great benefits for you, ranging from increasing your flexibility and movement, less prone to injury to working several muscle groups at once and suitable for all ages and abilities, but it is not just the health benefits, you can save money by introducing this workout into your routine at home, no need for gym fees or expensive equipment, plus it’s convenient, it can be done anywhere at any time, all you need is a bit of space.

For a great Calisthenics Workout, click here and watch the video for details.

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