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Welcome to this blog post series all about Calisthenics, what it is, simple exercises you can do to get started, and just general information that will help you understand all about Calisthenics. Links to the other posts related to this one are at the end of this post, I recommend you read them so you can gain some knowledge and understand how Calisthenics can work for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Calisthenics are a great workout and people introduce Calisthenics exercises in their training sessions for all sorts of reasons, whether it be for health reasons, job related reasons or for purely fitness related reasons, Calisthenics can be beneficial to you in all sorts of ways,  Please feel free to read “The Calisthenics Benefits” post here.

This post will particularly focus on Calisthenics Training Programs.  What they are, where you can find them and what they will do for you.  When I introduced a Calisthenics Plan into my training sessions, it really worked for me, I was able to do the exercises easily and able to up the workouts and my aim was to get a toned body, I didn’t want just muscles I wanted a toned body, basically I wanted to look good all over! A calisthenics plan helped me achieve that from the comfort of my own home and without much equipment.  A Calisthenics Training Program is much more than just about the exercises, the program I found which I will talk about later, can help in all areas of your life, so firstly I want to talk about what a Calisthenics Workouts Program actually is and what it involves.


What Is A Calisthenics Workouts Program

Calisthenics Training ProgramSo what is a Calisthenics Training Program and what should it involve.  Whilst the primary focus of a Calisthenics Plan are very much like that of one you find in a strength training workout, a Calisthenics Plan is not reliant on equipment, such as weights or barbells. 

Calisthenics workouts are often found in other forms of fitness like aerobics, strength training, etc, where body weight exercises are done in an attempt to increase strength and muscle mass.

A Calisthenics workout program is an easy-to-follow workout program that will provide a lot of great benefits to your daily life. The goal of this workout is to get you in shape for the long term.

A good Calisthenics Workouts Program should contain exercises which focus on all areas of the body for a total body workout. This means it should include some, NOT ALL, of the following:

  • Upper Body, designed to wors the chest, triceps, and shoulders: Pull-up, Push-up, Tricep Dip, Push-Back, Side to Side Push-Up
  • Core, designed to build stability and strength: Crunch, Scissor Kick, Plank, Side Plank
  • Back: Superman, Swimmer
  • Lower Body, designed to build strength and mobility in the lower body: Squat, Lunge, calf Raise
  • Total Body: Jumping Jacks, Burpee, Box Jump

Including a mixture of the above will provide you with an all round Calisthenics Training Program, of course, there are a lot more exercises about, these are just some examples, for more please read the posts: What Is a Calisthenics Workout and The Benefits of Calisthenics, these posts will give you further sample routines and exercises.


A Calisthenics Plan

So we have discussed some of the types of exercises you can include in a Calisthenics Training Program, but how much of each exercise do you do and when do you know when to increase them.  The video below is from the RedDeltaProject, I found it when doing my research and he describes a really simple 3 set training plan for an effective Calisthenics Workout, and it really does make perfect sense, I highly recommend you watch it.  Although it is only 3 minutes long, what he says to do is simple and effective and you will completely understand how you can start out in Calisthenics and then increase your workout accordingly.  Go ahead, watch it now, I promise you will love it.


My Recommended Calisthenics Training Program

There is an awful lot of information about Calisthenics what to include and when to create an effective Calisthenics Training Program, but I actually found it all very confusing, there was almost to much information! That is thanks to today and the internet, it is great that we can simply look up information we require when we want to, but sometimes it can be a bit much and I found that when searching for an ideal Calisthenics Plan that I could do and that had the support there, that showed me exactly how to do each exercise with step by step tutorials, (I was a real beginner), all the information got to confusing.

During my research I found a couple of Training Programs, one which is a specific Calisthenics Training Program really suited for people wanting to build muscle and the other that focuses on bodyweight exercises, which yes is basically Calisthenics, but is tailored to weight loss, muscle gain, strength building, toned body, general athleticism, so depending on why you are looking into Calisthenics will depend upon which Training Program is better suited to you.

Here is a brief run down on each, with a link to their retrospective websites, so you can check them out, please note, I have a disclaimer, the links are my affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you were to purchase anything from the sites if you click my link, you will NOT be charged anything extra and the cost is still the same to you as it would be if you clicked the link elsewhere, it will not cost you anything, but by law I do need to let you know that, however, do not worry, please be assured I will only recommend programs which give true value for money and have been proven to work for lots of people.

So the first training program is:

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution

Calisthenics Training Program Bodyweight Exercise Revolution

Their program is based on the Circular Strength Training® (CST) system, Bodyweight Exercise Revolution applies cutting-edge research in biotensegrity – the frontier of anatomical studies – and the latest developments in sports science to make you healthier, fitter, happier and more beautiful than you’ve ever been before.  All routines are workouts you can do from home with no or little equipment.

The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution gives you 5 separate programs for the price of one. You get all this:

  • The Bodyweight Exercise Revolution E-book
  • Over 165 pages – jam-packed with explanations and instruction
  • Color photos with detailed descriptions for each exercise variation
  • 5 step-by-step 28-day programs
  • 20 weeks of distinct programming (representing months or even years of variations on exercise level and intensity)
  • A follow-along instructional video that covers the joint health and mobility portion of the program (downloadable mp4)
  • A follow-along instructional video of the flexibility cool down portion of the program (downloadable mp4)
  • The 28-day Fat Loss program
  • The 28-day Muscle Gain program
  • The 28-day Strength Building program
  • The 28-day Longevity program
  • The 28-day General Athleticism program

Plus the following bonus material:

  • Follow-along videos of ALL the circuits and sessions.
  • A Bonus chapter on how to integrate other CST training programs into 4×7 periodisation.
  • Ongoing support from both Ryan and Adam through the help desk. You can log in to ask questions about the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution program, and we’ll make sure you get the answers you need.
  • Access to all future updates of this title.

Right Now, they also have a RISK-FREE offer. They are so confident in the programs laid out in Bodyweight Exercise Revolution that they want to give you 56 days to try it out risk-free. Why 56 days? That gives you time to run through two full 28 day programs. If you’re not satisfied with your results after two full cycles of their programming, simply return the product for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Click here to check out the Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and see all the testimonials and case studies.

The 2nd Calisthenics Training Program is:

The Bar Brothers

Calisthenics Training Program BarBrothers  Calisthenics Training Program bb

It’s the fastest growing trend in the fitness industry! And no…  I’m not talking about cross-fit 😉 Instead… I’m talking about a movement that people across the world are joining to dramatically reshape their bodies, burning fat and building lean useful muscle extremely fast!

I will admit it’s not the easiest thing in the world, however…

There’s no question that it could be the most effective!  In order to get results using calisthenics, you have to follow a specific plan that is proven… Well… The BarBrothers released a proven 12 Week Bar Brothers Workout Plan.

No weights, no supplements and no crazy diets!

If you truly want to achieve muscles, that is your main aim, then simple put, you need this program, it will help you get your desired results and fast.  Their 12 week program starts off with a few easy and simple routines, but be warned you have to be fully committed to this program as it does get harder, but, people do not reach their goals without doing any work, you have to work hard in order to achieve your goals, the great thing with the Bar Brothers Training Program is that it is laid out in clear step by step instructions, you get access to a members area, where you can work through the program.  Their program has been designed to transform your mind as well as your body, your mentality has a lot to do with you achieving your goals.

Here’s the story of the 2 young men who have accidentally become the face of this movement… let me introduce you to the Bar Brothers, they will tell you their story, where they have come from and what you can expect fro the 12 week Calisthenics Plan.

Click here to go to their website and watch their video.


So To Conclude… A Calisthenics Training Program

When you are looking into a Calisthenics Workouts Program, there are several things you need to consider.  There are your goals, what is it you want to achieve, knowing this will help you put together a routine with the correct exercises.  Think about each area you are targeting with your exercises and try to mix up the exercises so during the weeks training you manage to work on all areas of your body for a total body and all round workout. I highly recommend investing in a calisthenics training program and the reason I say this is because it will give you the help and support you need, it will help with planning so you an achieve your desired result and it will show you how to do the exercises the right way in order for you to get the most out of your workout and reducing the chances of injury.

Whichever training program you choose I wish you the best of luck!

For a great Calisthenics Workout, click here and watch the video for details.

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