How To Start Strength Training – Strength Training For Beginners

Welcome to this third post in this blog post series all about Strength Training, exactly what it is, how it benefits you and how to workout the right way.  In this post series we will cover:

It’s important to know how best to train your body and reach your goals.  There are many reasons people choose to train, obvious ones being to look good and build their muscle, but for others it’s about loosing weight or just keeping themselves fit and healthy.  This post series is designed so it gives you a full understanding of Strength Training, so you can incorporate strength training into your workout routine the right way and one that is suited to what your fitness goals are.

If you missed the 1st post in this series entitled “What is Strength Training” please click here, as it gives you an idea of exactly what strength training is, it’s important you understand that before you get started with any kind of strength training program.  The 2nd post in the series covered the benefits of strength training, again a worthwhile read so you know that when done properly what other health benefits that strength training can give you as well as the obvious physical ones.

So, your thinking about Strength Training – How to start Strength Training

How to start strength trainingStrength training is not just about getting bigger muscles! It has a host of health benefits to, if you didn’t read my post about the benefits of strength training, then click here to read it.  In a nutshell, your bones get stronger and you feel more fit and healthy as well as look good ;), but it is important you get started in strength training the right way, so you don’t cause harm or injury and this is what this post is going to detail – how to start strength training.

Its not just about picking an exercise and going with it, getting started with strength training is all about, you, your body, equipment, if using any, your surroundings, your mental state, it is not just about the exercises, there are lots of others things that need to be considered too, it needs to be planned alongside your eating habits, rest and your positive attitude!

There is a great article here entitled “How to maximise workout benefits” it is a great read, especially if you are just getting started in strength training or any kind of workout, it gives great advice on these 8 points:

  1. Plan your workout
  2. Don’t do a routine you are not physically prepared for
  3. Warmup
  4. Don’t train until you drop
  5. Change up your routine
  6. Stretch after your workout
  7. Remember to stay hydrated
  8. Keep track of your progress

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Strength training can be done in the comfort of your own home and without the need for any expensive equipment.  If you haven’t done so already I suggest you download the 15 Tips for Strength Training Without Visit The Gym, it gives you some great tips and idea’s if you are just starting out. You can download it here.  Even doing pushups and pull-ups can be part of your strength training routine and are good exercises to start with.  If you have free weights at home, such as dumbbells, you can use those, but do be careful though, you have to use them in the right way to ensure you do not injure yourself.

Its also advisable you do research and find out how much you should do, how often you should train, you shouldn’t train everyday, rest days are equally as important as your muscles need that rest to grow, this is where a course or a personal trainer will be handy, they will advise workout routines for you, depending upon what you are wanting to achieve and will incorporate rest days into the equation.

Before starting any strength training or workout routine it is important to warm up properly, this can simply be 10 minutes of brisk walking or some jumping jacks, doing some warm-up exercises warms up your muscles and prepares them for the workout, not warming up properly, your muscles will be cold and it could cause an injury if you go straight into a routine when the muscles are cold.

I highly recommend you speak to a professional such as a personal trainer, they will be able to help you put together a routine you can do which will maximise your workouts so you get the best out of them and ensure that you do not injure yourself, personal trainers are available at gyms or they can come to you in your home, so again no gym is required.  There are online courses like this one, which can also help with video tutorials demonstrating how to workout effectively and the right way again ensuring you get the most from your workouts and without hurting yourself.

how to start strength training quick and easy

It is always a great idea to consult your doctor before starting any kind of workout routine, especially if you have a medical condition, are middle aged or older, even if you smoke or are over weight it is always advisable to get doctors advice to ensure your body can cope with the workout.  If you overtrain you can do more damage than good.  Staying hydrated by drink lots of water and having a post workout snack will also help restore your body’s levels of glycogen, which helps rebuild damaged muscles, there are many snacks you can have such as bananas, yoghurt, blueberries.

It is also a great idea to keep track on how you are doing, it doesn’t have to be a great long list, but simple things such as making a note how many pushups you can do in a set period of time, the same with jumping jacks for example, that kind of thing, because as you start to train on a regular basis you will see the number of jumping jacks and pushups increase in that set period of time, you will be getting stronger and be able to do more, this is very encouraging and will help you stay motivated and focused to achieve your training goals.

When you understand how to start strength training, please continue with my post in this series about Strength Training Workouts, this will give you some great exercises that are suited for the beginner which are great ones to get started with.

how to start strength training conclusionHow to Start Strength Training conclusion

So to sum up, when you first want to start strength training you need to consider these factors:

  • Consult a Doctor before you begin, especially important if you have a medical condition
  • Research how often you should be working out and how much strength training to include in your routine, and make sure you include rest days
  • Plan your week, training sessions should be planned in and around your weekly commitments, once planned STICK to it.
  • Plan your training routines, including a mixture of exercises as this will ensure all body parts get some form of exercise and remember to include warming up and cooling down time. Read Strength Training Workouts for exercises you can get started with and incorporate into your training routine.
  • Design a routine your body can cope with, don’t go all out try hard straight away, you need to start simple and work your way up to more complex exercises.
  • Do not overtrain, this can do more damage than good
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water
  • Keep track on how you are doing, when you see progress this will help keep you motivated and focused
  • Eat a snack after your workout.   A healthy snack such as a banana will give you the good kind of carbs you need after a workout.  Here is a good post on what foods are good to eat after a workout and why.


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