Strength Training Workouts

Welcome to the 4th instalment of our blog series all about strength training.  In this post series we will cover:

This post will detail some great strength training exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home that is suited for the beginner or advanced.  Simply choose some or all of the exercises listed below to include in your workout routine, if you are a beginner start with a couple and if you are advanced you can add more exercises and repetitions, you know your body and where you are with your fitness, but remember do not over do it.  If you are just getting started start simple and work your way up.  If you haven’t read my ‘How To Start Strength Training’ post, I highly recommend you read that before continuing with this post.

Ready? ok, lets get cracking on…

strength training workoutExample Strength Training Workouts

There are many exercises that you can do easily from anywhere that will help with your strength and building your muscles. Depending upon why you want to strength train will depend upon what strength training exercises you will want to incorporate into your workout routine and these example workouts can be done from anywhere, your living room, garden, kitchen, park, you just need to make sure you have a big enough space around you so you are not worried about hitting anything when you start your routine.

Some of these exercises can be done with weights as well, which will give you a more intense workout, however, if you are a beginner then I highly recommend you start with just your own body weight, get to know what you can handle.

Your first strength training workout

Your first workout ever is not going to be your normal routine. Instead, your going to use your first session to gauge how in-shape you are. You need a starting point, you need to know what your body can handle and this is what your first workout is used for.  Start with stretches of course, warming up those muscles ready for your workout and then perform some of these exercises to determine your physical condition:

See how many crunches, sit-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups you can do in a minute.

How to do crunches: Full Instructions here:

How to do situps: Full instructions here:

How to do pull ups: Full instructions here:

How to do chinups: Full instructions here:

Next, check your maximum weight you can lift during an exercise, if using weights such as dumbbells.  You can do this with squats, lateral raise, biceps curl and almost any other strength training exercise. For examples and instructions on using dumbbells with exercises, checkout the video below entitled 5 Free Weight Exercises, this will show you 5 exercises you can easily do with dumbbells that will help strengthen your muscles. Next, you’re going to want to know the amount of weight you can rep, with every strength training exercise you plan to do. To rep, simply means to perform an exercise frequently without stopping. Write down all your results and date it. It’s important that you date it, You’ll use this to track your progress which will also keep you motivated to continue your strength training routine.

A 3 day a week commitment is great for beginners because excessive strength training can damage the body, particularly if you haven’t been active lately or have never done much fitness or woking out in the past. If possible, leave a day between every workout session. This allows your body to recuperate from the stress of strength training. If you cant spread out your workout sessions, focus on one muscle group during each session. This will increase the effectiveness of your workouts and also prevent damage being done to your body.

Next, plan your workout routine. A good routine will include stretches to warm up your body. Stretching before workout sessions is also a good way to prevent injuries and remain limber. Starting off with a few pushups and crunches is also a great way to gear your body up for a tough strength training routine.

Now, set dates and times for your fitness sessions, be very specific and make sure you have enough to time warm up and cool down. Decide what muscle groups you’ll be working each day and design a workout routine specifically for yourself and keep you on track to reach your goals.  Once you have your routine all worked out, all you need to do is stick to it, that is actually harder than it sounds. There will be days when you are not at all motivated or focused and that is when you really need to push yourself and continue with it.  What I find has helped is actually enrolling in an online course that has a community support, this support really helps with motivation and really helps keep you going when you get a day when you really don’t feel like doing it.

Bar Brothers Training

The BarBrothers 12 Week program

This course is great for beginners and advanced a like – The complete Bar Brothers 12 week calisthenics system for transforming your body and mind! A 12 week course, that has great step by step tutorials and an active Facebook group to give you that support you need.  No weights needed and you will be amazed with the results.

Check out the full course here – watch the video all the way through to see how well it works

Once you have completed that, if you want to take your training to the next step you can, with their System Accelerator Program.  Whatever you want to achieve, however advanced you are, they have a training program to suit you.


The BW3 MultiBurn System

This course here is great for beginners and with a 21 minute a day workout you can achieve great results.  You get:

  • Follow-Along Workout Video Series
  • Perfect Technique Instructional Video Series
  • Workout System Manual
  • Handy Wall Charts
  • Quick Start Guides

At a ridiculously low one off cost – honestly you won’t believe it!

Check out the full program by clicking here

BW3 Multiburn System

I highly recommend you enrol in a course, or hire a personal trainer, however, personal trainers can be expensive, these courses are not.  It depends on you, if you are looking for a more personalised approach then the personal trainer will be your option, but if you are just starting out, need a good solid routine that won’t break the bank then the online course will be the way to go.

5 Free Weight Exercises by DoctorOz:

Here is a Strength Training Workout that is ideal for beginners, no weights needed all you need is a chair!:

The Best 15-Minute Beginner Workout By Popsugar Fitness:

30 Minute Strength Training Workout By Popsugar Fitness with Modifications depending upon your fitness level:

Strength Training Workouts the conclusion

To conclude Strength Training Workouts, if you are just getting started, you need to ascertain at what fitness level you and your body is at, this is very important as not to overdo it and injure yourself.  Start with a couple of simple exercises and see how many you can do in a minute and record it.  Once you know where you are at, create a routine with a mixture of exercises and start with 10 or so repetitions of each.  Start with 3 days a week ensuring you give your body time to rest in-between, rest days are equally as important as the exercises themselves. When you feel comfortable and able to do more, add another exercise into your routine or introduce some free weights such as dumbbells to increase the intensity of your workout. Remember to include warm up and cool down exercises, to prepare your muscles correctly.

You can always follow the above workout videos, or enrol in the courses I have mentioned, (12 Week Bar Brothers or the BW3 Multiburn) in doing so will give you the support and community you may need if you are just starting out.

strength training workout changeIt is also important to change your workouts and not stick to the same one all the time.  Through routine exercise, your body gradually builds strength and endurance. However, if you keep your workouts the same, the benefits of those routines begin to stagnate, you will no longer be getting the most out of your routine. Therefore, it is essential from time to time change your workouts so that your body will continue to reap the most benefits from your efforts.

If you follow the same exact exercise routine day in and day out, your body becomes accustomed to this routine. As the body adjusts to the same workout everyday, it is normal for the body to adapt on a cardiovascular, respiratory, and cellular level. Over a period of time, following this same old routine causes the rest of the body to adapt as well. As a result, any further physical improvements become limited, and your training becomes boring.

By incorporating even slight changes into your exercise regimen, you are able to kick-start the body once again to move towards those goals you’ve been striving for!

So, what kind of changes should you make?

Even the smallest change in your routine can make a difference. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Change the time of day at which you exercise.
  • If you prefer one type of exercise, such as running, change the exercise itself, in some way. For instance, increase the intensity level or the length of the workout.
  • Try a new type of exercise. Introducing a new exercise into your training will ultimately work the body in a new way. Different muscle groups may be called upon to perform, thus, challenging your body to some degree.
  • Alternate among a variety of exercise routines. You may mix up your routine each day, or you may alternate between one routine one day and another routine the next day. This keeps your body on its toes, so to speak…and, it helps prevent exercise boredom, yes exercise boredom is a thing.
  • Change the location of your workouts from time to time. Even a simple change of scenery can keep exercise more exciting. Such a change also has the potential to boost your energy level and improve your training.

Life can be tedious. We often find ourselves in a rut, doing the same things day in day out, sometimes without even realising it, so for a more exciting life and better fitness, change up your workout routines, workout in different places, your home, your park, your garden. 

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